Listed are the posts for October 2006.

>Happy Halloween

>Home grown Halloween pumpkin DD grew this pumpkin herself from seed so was justifably chuffed with herself tonight. She went Trick or Treating with her best friend & dressed up as a vampire – another excuse to wear lots of black & her favourite black silk head band covered in skulls. Susoolu surprised her today […]

>Hot Socks Swap

>Just before we decided to move & life suddenly went barmy I signed up for the Hot Socks Swap. Then as the deadline approached with a chance to pull out I realised that I’d be stupidly busy & should I really do this but I decided to go for it & I’m really glad I […]

>Diamante progress

>Started ages ago, when I was recovering from whatever knocked me backwards & then abandoned when we embarked on our manic decluttering, my diamante socks are finally back on track: Diamante – gusset increases complete Bad news is that I haven’t made them long enough but the lifeline means that it’s not too much hassle […]

>I’m so excited…

>we’ve found our perfect house It doesn’t need much work apart from decoration as it was owned by an elderly couple previously. So now we’ve got to sell ours quickly – I’m sure the estate agent is fed up with me as I’ve spoken to her nearly every day this week – here’s hoping……

Necessary Evil

Tia is really starting to go down hill. We’ve lived together for over 18 years all over the country. From bedsits in London, shared student houses in Bradford & for the last 13 years she has shared my life with DH. She is now on medication for her various ailments & is responding well. However […]


>We went on the market yesterday at 9 a.m. & 13 minutes later had our first request for a viewing. A couple saw the house last night & put in an offer today!!! However they haven’t sold their house yet so it’s been acknowledged but not accepted. The photos and floor plan are happening on […]

>Our home

>The house was valued at the weekend & now we just have to instruct the agents that we’ve chosen & arrange another appointment for them to take pics & do a floor plan. DH took his own photos which I’ll share with you below. Most of the images are clickable for a bigger picture. our […]

>Surfacing for air….

>Phew – we’ve spent the past week and a half getting the house ready to sell. We’ve got 3 Estate Agents coming tomorrow to give us valuations & have found a house that we’d love to buy BUT we need to sell this one first. DH has been off work all week finishing the little […]

>Blogging holiday

>I’m still here but we’ve got a lot on at the moment. All good so no need to worry but I’m too busy to update here very often at the moment. Happy Knitting!