>Surfacing for air….

>Phew – we’ve spent the past week and a half getting the house ready to sell. We’ve got 3 Estate Agents coming tomorrow to give us valuations & have found a house that we’d love to buy BUT we need to sell this one first.

DH has been off work all week finishing the little jobs that have been mounting up over the past two years & today the stair carpet is finally going back down I’ve got rid of so much stuff – it’s amazing how much you accumulate. We’ve lived here 12 years next January which IMO is far too long.

We’re both absolutely shattered due to working on de-cluttering & packing every night but it’ll be worth it. I’m hoping for a quick sale as the house we want to buy isn’t in a chain & we could move straight in without doing anything to it.

The best news of all is that our noisy neighbour situation unexpectedly resolved itself the weekend that we finally made the decision to move & we haven’t got a problem anymore. I couldn’t stop beaming at work the following day

I’ve got to go now – the empty boxes are calling my name again….