Listed are the posts for November 2006.


>I’ve utilised my non-knitting status & have finally done some much needed ‘blog’ keeping. I’ve updated the links in ‘Blogs I Read’ on my BlogRolling account as I was reading loads of new blogs on my Bloglines but they weren’t on my sidebar. If you see a new one – go & visit!

>It could be a lot worse

>In my last post I mentioned that I wasn’t knitting very much but didn’t say why. I started experiencing pain in my hands about 3 weeks ago & it has gotten progressively worse. Starting in my knuckles it moved to my wrists which felt as if they’d been broken & even simple tasks were painful. […]

>Thank you

>to everybody who left a comment or sent an email regarding Tia. We’d lived together for over half my life so it still seems really weird not having her around & she’s left a huge gap in our family. Life is a bit cr*p at the moment for a number of reasons including the fact […]

>Good bye Tia

>It’s time for me to say good bye to my old friend. We’ve been through a lot together but always came through it. She’s suffering now so I’ve got to let her go. Tia spent last night using Annie as a hot water bottle May 1988 – November 2006