>It could be a lot worse

>In my last post I mentioned that I wasn’t knitting very much but didn’t say why. I started experiencing pain in my hands about 3 weeks ago & it has gotten progressively worse. Starting in my knuckles it moved to my wrists which felt as if they’d been broken & even simple tasks were painful. I hadn’t been knitting much since we decided to sell the house as we were so busy but all activity has now ceased altogether. I was scared that it was some form of arthritis & really worried that I’d be forced to give up many things that I enjoy including knitting.

However as the pain was worse in the evening & moved around I eventually suspected that it might be RSI & this was confirmed by my second appointment with a doctor on Friday. He has referred to a physio but that’ll take a while to happen & I probably won’t see someone via this route until after Christmas.

By chance yesterday I got talking to a private physio at a swimming workshop that DD was doing. He gave me some advice & was able to deal with my immediate pain by strapping my arm:

strapped arm
My right arm

He also gives a 50% discount to anyone associated with the swimming club so am currently trying to sort some cash out to get it sorted out properly. I’m absolutely over moon that I don’t have arthritis and am looking forward to getting it sorted as it’s still really painful