Listed are the posts for December 2006.

>Christmas revisited

>Apart from all the horrible things that have been going on over Christmas we did enjoy ourselves sometimes. DD loved her presents & spent the day dressed in her Goal Keepers outfit. DH has enjoyed his Powerball & Family Guy Xbox game & DVD’s. I was totally spoilt. Firstly by DH who visited my Amazon […]

>Christmas – bah humbug!

>It seems that everything has been against us having a wonderful Christmas. DH & I were both due to finish work on Wednesday which was also DD’s last day of school however they were both violently ill with a sickness bug so I took the day off to care for them. They were both feverish […]

>No knitting going on

>For a knitting blog this is getting rather sad as I’m hardly able to knit The offical diagnois is Tendonitis in both my forearms & I’ve still got a lot of related pain in my hands & wrists. I’ve been having treatment but it’ll take time for the inflamation to go down. To make matters […]