>No knitting going on

>For a knitting blog this is getting rather sad as I’m hardly able to knit The offical diagnois is Tendonitis in both my forearms & I’ve still got a lot of related pain in my hands & wrists. I’ve been having treatment but it’ll take time for the inflamation to go down. To make matters worse I’d signed up for an Afghan Squares swap on Swap-bot. One of my 4 squares is done but the others will be a bit late I’m afraid as I’m finding knitting painful at the moment

Housewise we still haven’t sold ours; we’ve had another very interested viewer who came to a 2nd viewing only to submit an offer 20K under the asking price which we’ve obviously rejected. So all viewings are on hold until January as we need a break over the Christmas period.

DD has been growing like a weed over the past few months & we got a shock yesterday when we measured her – she’s now 5ft 1 3/4″ tall & turned 11 in October! She’s 2″ taller than my SIL who is gutted. None of her clothes fit her anymore including her school uniform so I need to get her kitted out again – last time was September