Listed are the posts for January 2007.

>Lacy Scallop Socks – finally finished!

>The second Lacy Scallop is finished: 2nd Lacy Scallop sock so finally I have a pair: Lacy Scallop socks Pattern: Lacy Scallops from Sockbug Yarn: Schoeller & Stahl Socka Color in Marine Blue shade 9094Needles: 2 x 2.5mm Addi Turbo circularsStarted: April ’06Finished: 30th January ’07 Lacy Scallop socks I nearly managed to get them […]

>Update on stressed dogs

>Thank you everyone for the lovely comments in the last post. I’ve worked out that it was probably Annie who ate my notions bag. She’s always been a bit of a stress head & doesn’t have much confidence. Blue is full of confidence & an alpha whereas Annie is at the bottom of the pack […]

>Which do you want first?

>The good news or bad news? When presented with this question I always want to get the bad news over with in case it involves something really sinister. To a non knitter this wouldn’t mean a thing but I wasn’t impressed when I saw the remains of my notions bag scattered amongst the dog beds: […]

>New blogger

>I’ve finally managed to move over to the new blogger but had to unsub from the Scarf Style KAL to do it. Now I need to sign up again & work my way around the new features. I also finally found all the comments that went AWOL a year ago – a grand total of […]

>Had to be mine…..

>Airedale Terrier Stitch markers close up for scale check out the paws! They were handmade by this Etsy seller & I can thoroughly recommend both the product & service

>Ending Single Sock Syndrome

>Last year I knitted one Lacy Scallop sock sock, just one. I got interupted due to the Knitting World Cup & never did go back to make a pair. So I’ve finally started on the second sock: Lacy Scallop sock It’s a very easy pattern to memorise & was my first ever lace project as […]

>New Year, New Start!

>Finally after our disastrous Christmas I’ve got some good news: We’ve got a buyer for our house & have had an offer accepted on one we like The slight hitch is that the buyer is already a pain but the Estate Agent is being firm so hopefully she’ll keep him on track. So DD will […]

>Yarn Over Cable

>My first FO of 2007: Yarn Over Cable socks Time taken to knit: December 25th to January 8th with a few interruptionsPattern: Yarn Over Cable from Sensational Knitted Socks Yarn: 100g Koigu Kersti Merino Crepe K8294 which was a gift from my friend CL in Canada Needles: 2 x Addi Turbo 3.5mm circulars Yarn Over […]

>Canine company

>I knew that it would be a doggy weekend in our house this weekend but didn’t realise to what extent. My MIL adopted a stray puppy a few weeks before Christmas & this little scrap is staying with us until tomorrow night as MIL is away – meet Molly: Molly She’s a lovely little thing […]

>fading sock

>I’m back at work now so haven’t done very much on my socks since my last post but am nearly ready to turn the heel. Just from trying the first sock on I’ve decided that I’m a heel flap kinda girl but needed to try them on myself to find that out. I just don’t […]

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