>New blogger

>I’ve finally managed to move over to the new blogger but had to unsub from the Scarf Style KAL to do it. Now I need to sign up again & work my way around the new features.

I also finally found all the comments that went AWOL a year ago – a grand total of 47 & only 1 was sp4m So all have been enabled & the moderation thingy is working now so no more lost comments.

We spent the weekend sifting through our stuff in preparation for the big move & we’ve now got 13 bin liners of shredded paper piled up to the ceiling in the hall! It’s hopefully going to a dog who is kennelled outside but is allergic to hay & straw but if it’s not collected by tomorrow we’re going to try & squeeze it into the paper recycling bin – I think DH is being a bit optimistic there myself!

Boxes are being numbered, catalogued on a spreadsheet & given a coloured label to indicate which room they should be put in on moving day – but I’m sure we’ll still lose stuff. However I’m taking no chances with my stash – it’s staying in MIL’s spare room to be collected by me once we’ve moved. That way it’ll stay clean & I know exactly where it is

For Kim & all other dog lovers – here’s an Airedale fix:

dog in towel
Annie wrapped in a towel after her bath

I groomed the dogs last weekend so shaggy monsters are no more. Annie absolutely loves to be rubbed in a towel & looked so cute & her nose so big that I couldn’t resist that shot!