>Which do you want first?

>The good news or bad news?

When presented with this question I always want to get the bad news over with in case it involves something really sinister.

To a non knitter this wouldn’t mean a thing but I wasn’t impressed when I saw the remains of my notions bag scattered amongst the dog beds:

dead knitters' notions bag
my dead notions bag

The yellow twisted lump at the front of the photo is the remains of my 12mm gold sparkly addi crochet hook & the Kipling Monkey has definitely seen better days. Some other hooks are still usable but have suffered the odd tooth mark & small balls of sock yarn destined to become life lines have been sucked & loved to death. I’ve swept up the silver zipper teeth but know that I’ll be finding them for weeks to come particularly when I’m not wearing any slippers.

And the reason for this carnage??? Apparently my dogs are stressed! We moved their beds when we put the house on the market to a place where they could be whisked away quickly if we had a viewing on the house & this meant that they had free run of the downstairs. Not good. So far 3 scatter cushions have died & now my notions bag whereas previously they hadn’t chewed anything for years. So they’re back to being confined in the kitchen & the Bitter Bite is out in force. I’ll also be buying some Rescue Remedy tomorrow & will be ‘doctoring’ their drinking water.

And the good news?

Well if I hadn’t have come home to the news above I’d still be bouncing with glee as only a knitter can. Today I took delivery of the last part of my Christmas present from DH:

hand crafted wooden yarn swift
Closed yarn swift

Isn’t it beautiful?

hand crafted wooden yarn swift
hand crafted wooden yarn swift modelling Knitpicks Gloss

It is wonderfully crafted & DD is pleased as she no longer has to suffer being a ‘swift’ as I wind skeins of yarn into usable ‘cakes’.

It will be kept far far away from Airedale noses & teeth I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear

24/01/07 ETA
If you’d like to order your own beautiful hand made swift you can contact Claire via email

27/04/07 ETA
You can now see the Swifts & other products here.