>Update on stressed dogs

>Thank you everyone for the lovely comments in the last post. I’ve worked out that it was probably Annie who ate my notions bag.

She’s always been a bit of a stress head & doesn’t have much confidence. Blue is full of confidence & an alpha whereas Annie is at the bottom of the pack & needs constant reassurance.

Therefore the changes in the house due to us putting it up for sale were too much for her. She’s already more relaxed & both dogs are really happy to have their beds back in the kitchen.

Airedale Annie
Annie relaxing

They’re both happy to drink the Rescue Remedy in their water so hopefully that’s helping too.

I’ve bought another notions bag from Ebay & it arrived yesterday. The first thing I did was to spray Bitter bite on the zip!

It was Yvonne who introduced me to these pencil cases & IMO they’re perfect for knitters:

Kipling pencil case
My new notions bag

Kipling pencil case
Main compartment with my knitting notions in

Kipling pencil case
Notions bag with hooks, cable needles & other bits

If you look closely at the photo above you can see the teeth marks in the grey hook under the pen. I’m not sure if it’s usable, others have gone in the bin as they’re were too chewed Luckily I store my Clover Soft Touch crochet hooks in a different container so they were undamaged. I’ll be replacing all the damaged tools over time but a replacement case was essential