Listed are the posts for February 2007.

>A Grand Day Out

>6 a.m. this morning saw us reluctantly get out of bed as DD was swimming in Leeds & we had to be there for 8 a.m. She’s missed nearly two weeks training so didn’t do as well as she’d hoped but we left the pool by 10 so were determined to make a better day […]

>Unknown yarn

>When I went to Coldspring Mill last week I picked up a bag of beautiful yarn but don’t know what it is: unknown purple yarn It was sold as pure wool & definitely feels like it but I’ll have to do a burn test to be sure. I suspect it might be Twilleys Freedom Spirit […]

>Happy Gotcha Day Vince

>It’s mine ALL MINE! If I could just lift it up.. whoops….. wedge my foot here…. Got it! Bye!

>Crazy week

>I’ve had a hell of a week & am finally glad to be back home again. I spent the first 3 days of the week away with work. Lets just say; long days, sore feet, aching back and hotel rooms. Factor in an evacuation of the hotel just as I was dropping off to sleep, […]

>Like mother….

>DH has just found DD sat up in bed designing her first dishcloth – guess who bought her a ball of dishcloth cotton yesterday….

>Thursday evening

>I LOVE Thursday nights as it’s the one evening that DD doesn’t swim so I get to stay at home for the whole evening As I’m always at a poolside I rarely get to watch TV or even sit & veg on the sofa but tonight I did both & knitted of course. Of the […]