>Unknown yarn

>When I went to Coldspring Mill last week I picked up a bag of beautiful yarn but don’t know what it is:

knitting yarn
unknown purple yarn

It was sold as pure wool & definitely feels like it but I’ll have to do a burn test to be sure. I suspect it might be Twilleys Freedom Spirit but I could be wrong. Any ideas? I’ve got 400g & am unsure what to make with it but it had to come home with me. I think it’ll felt well but then again it would make a lovely Lady Eleanor.

There has also been some progress with the brown cone:

My So Called Scarf
My So Called Scarf

On the swimming front DD is unable to train at the moment as she’s suffering with growing pains. Whenever she exercises she gets shooting pains in her ribs (last month it was her shoulders) but is otherwise fine. So a weeks rest has been ordered & she’s moaning already. As she’s grown 3/4″ since we last measured her two months ago, & clothes I bought her then are getting too short, I’m not surprised really.

She’s now 5ft 2.5″ at the age of 11 & gloatingly towers over my SIL. She’s got a few inches to go before she’s as tall as me but she’s aiming for it & next her Dad. I think I should remove the grow bags from her bed……