>I’ve been quiet on here as we’ve got lots going on at home.

Our house move is finally progressing. Lets just say our buyer was ‘dragging his heels’ BIG style. So much so that early last week I thought the whole chain had fallen apart but he’s now playing ball. We’re expecting to exchange contracts within the next 10 days & hope to complete & move at the end of the month.

So lots of packing at our house & I’ve been solely responsible for keeping our branch of Freecycle alive & well (or so it seems) as I’m getting rid of LOADS of stuff.

However something happened on Thursday which has made things a bit difficult for me at the moment. As I was taking DD & her friend to school & patiently waiting for a gap in the traffic another driver went straight into the back of my car. The damage to the bumper is minor but I’m now fighting with the insurance company as they want to write off our 9 year old car So I’ve been finding quotes & can hopefully can get it repaired rather than scraped. All 3 of us had backache that morning & had to see a doctor. DD luckily is fine now & has played football & swam twice since the accident but both her friend & I have whiplash & are in agony. I’ve not been able to sleep for two nights & keep waking up as I’m in so much pain. So it’s just as well that we’ve decided to hire a removal firm to move us rather than doing it ourselves.

Plus if this weren’t enough DD has been allocated the school that we REALLY didn’t want her to go to. The whole reason for moving was to keep her away from the girls who made her life hell at her previous primary school & the local authority have denied her a place at all 3 schools we’ve chosen & elected to send her to this school However I’ve been assured that once we move (to a different education authority but only about 4 miles away) she’ll be able to go to the school of our choice – so please keep your fingers crossed for us that the move goes ahead without any more hold ups.

On a totally different note I forgot to show you all what DH got me on Valentines Day:

Cath Kidston Airedale
Cath Kidston – Stanley the Airedale keyring

I totally love him & want to thank Ari for the heads up & DH of course for buying him.