>Unhappy Mothers Day

>Before I had children I had visions of quality time spent with my child/ren, painting & other messy fun when small & other more grown up but equally enjoyable activities as they got older. I knew that there would be strops & other ‘difficult’ times but didn’t ever think that I’d have days like yesterday.

I should have been celebrating Mothers Day and as I have a child should (IMHO) have had a lovely easy day; breakfast in bed, showered with home-made gifts & generally had a lovely enjoyable day with my family.

Instead the child from hell was in our home, shouting & causing a lot of unhappiness. I don’t know if it’s hormonal, stress because we’re due to move soon, fear about the house move or even guilt as she knows we’re moving to get her into the school of our + her choice – or quite probably a turbulent mixture of all of these Whatever is causing it can’t be as bad as the effect she’s having on all of us.

Lets just say that DH made breakfast but ended up throwing his onto the kitchen work surface & storming out the house as he’d had enough. DD screamed, shouting BOG OFF to all & sundry (I blame Tracy Beaker for that one) & stropped whilst I spent the day upstairs in our bedroom knitting & feeling thoroughly miserable.

Gifts did come my way but only because I rang Get Knitted late last week & using our joint account treated myself to a few goodies:

Knitters Gifts
Knitters Gifts

I suppose I should be grateful that we only ever had one child….