Listed are the posts for April 2007.

>Our weekend

>DD & I spent a nice weekend in the company other other like minded fiber enthusiasts at the Parent & Child Rowan Workshop. It was our second time & after the fun we had last year we were both looking forward to it. DD was much more pleasant to be with & we both had […]


>Yesterday I read a something that really struck a cord with me. For the past few months I’ve been rambling about the house & the grease as I can’t reveal what I’m knitting. I started something back in February for DH which got put on hold big style due moving house but it’s back on […]

>Happy Birthday to me!

>Today in England it is St George’s Day & more importantly, to me at least, it’s my birthday. I don’t believe in working on ‘my day’ so took a days holiday from work & planned to just chill but it didn’t quite go to plan. The requirements of a new bathroom interrupted so some time […]

>Continuing our quest

>to decrease the house & today we tackled the carpets. All are pale shades of cream & heavily marked with ???? which has caused black marks. We bought a carpet cleaner last week & today was the day! Dirty carpet in the conservatory The instructions to the carpet cleaner said to pretreat the stains but […]


>We’ve been hit by a very unseasonal heatwave & it feels like mid summer at the moment. Very odd for mid April but we haven’t had any rain for weeks & it’s very hot indeed. I spent last Saturday afternoon having fibre fun turning skeins of sock yarn into knitterable balls of yarn: Winding yarn […]

>We’ve moved!

>Well we’re here at last. We survived the move & whilst stressful on the day it went without any major hitches. On moving day itself we still haven’t finished removing our stuff from the old house by mid-day but we’d already completed & our buyer was screaming for the keys. As he’s not due to […]