>We’ve been hit by a very unseasonal heatwave & it feels like mid summer at the moment. Very odd for mid April but we haven’t had any rain for weeks & it’s very hot indeed.

I spent last Saturday afternoon having fibre fun turning skeins of sock yarn into knitterable balls of yarn:

Winding yarn in the sunshine
Winding yarn in the sunshine

Monet did her usual & cooked herself:

cat sunbathing
Monet enjoying the sunshine

Whilst Pam decided to take the cooler option & sat inside on the doormat:

cat on doormat
Sensible cat

The huge tree at the bottom of the garden now has a trunk & the creeper is starting to die:

Tree with an ivy free trunk
Ash Tree?

The Red Robin looks splendid as always in the sunshine:

Red Robin or Christmas Berry

And I need to find the sunscreen, which is hiding in a box somewhere, to halt the erruption of freckles