>Happy Birthday to me!

>Today in England it is St George’s Day & more importantly, to me at least, it’s my birthday. I don’t believe in working on ‘my day’ so took a days holiday from work & planned to just chill but it didn’t quite go to plan. The requirements of a new bathroom interrupted so some time was spent ordering building materials as DH is starting the job this weekend but it’ll be a long time before the new suite will be seen as the preparation work involves bricking up two windows, creating a new one & lots of other wonderfully knackering jobs that DH just hates to do & that we didn’t anticipate on having to do just weeks after moving in.

However back to the case in point. We had a day out on Saturday in my honour & I chose to go to the Open Day at The Knitting & Crochet Guild. When I say we I mean DD & I as DH escaped to walk the dogs & they all wore each other out. DD & I had fun learning how to knit a square made up of lots of triangles but mine isn’t finished yet:

triangle swatch
triangle swatch

I was lucky in that I was able to chose my own presents

sock knitting books
birthday books

I also got a few odd balls of yarn from the Yarn Mountain but there wasn’t much left after the latest Skip North Trip but that’s not necessarily a bad thing especially in DH’s opinion.

stash from the Yarn Mountain

However DD is taking on her role as a junior member of the guild very seriously & raced back to the Yarn Mountain after the workshop to buy various balls of acrylic in shades of blue to finish her square & some needles so she could continue in the car. I offered her some 4mm needles when we got home but no she had to have them there & then – that’s my girl!

From there we then went to Coldspring but were too late to have the wonderful chips in the cafe next door So DD had to do her usual trick of stropping as she was by this time very hungry hence I didn’t get much time to chose the rest of my present. I did however find something very nice indeed but am going to be a total tease & make you all wait as I also bought some for my friend CL in Canada who has a birthday next month & she reads this so I don’t want to ruin the surprise. All will be revealed at the end of May I promise. But non present shopping I can reveal: I managed to get some more of the beautiful chunky in various shades of brown last seen http://www.designeryarns.uk.com/swatches/swatch_db_soho.asp” target=”_blank” title=”Debbie Bliss Soho”>Debbie Bliss Soho which will be felted in the not so distant future.

A lovely pub meal sorted DD’s mood out & then we both knitted all the way home whilst poor DH drove. Knitting has been taking place here recently but I’m not yet ready to reveal what I’m working on. However it won’t be long as I seem to be nearly there or so I keep thinking. Has anybody else noticed that even though you’re doing loads more rows the last small ball of yarn hardly seems to be shrinking?

Tonight DH & I escaped our parenting roles & went to the Theatre to see The New Statesman which was fantastic. Well worth it if you get the chance to see it.

So I’m now another year older & closer to 40 but DH will get there before me

Thank you very much for the birthday wishes – I’ll reply to emails asap.