>Today has been a total wash out in the true sense of the word. We’ve had heavy rain all week & it led to flooding.

DD & I left the house a few minutes earlier than normal but 15 minutes later were sat in traffic 2 minutes from home. The roads were totally submerged in places even going across the pavements. DD was very excited & wanted to go out in it but I vetoed that idea; Can you imagine her on her crutches in a foot of water?

We were stuck in traffic & I kept trying for half an hour to call my office whilst I couldn’t drive. Eventually I got through only to be told not to come in as the toilets were backing up so we got off the main road & made to come home. So neither DD nor I got to school or work this morning & in all it took us over an hour to do a 5 mile round trip.

DH had left home earlier than us as he works in the city & goes in by bus. He took a video of the road conditions on his phone:

(Fast forward for 45 seconds to get to the flooding)

In the end he gave up as well & came home 3 hours after setting off totally soaked.

I’ve just taken the dogs into the village for a walk & the streets are drying out now. We’re luckily on a hill so our house didn’t flood but quite a few houses lower down in the village had to be pumped out. The bbc news has just reported that our village was the worst affected in the region