>The Downside

>to Owls in your garden & Parenthood:

Whilst it is very nice watching owls every evening it isn’t so nice watching them eat Their parents have been around for the past two nights & are giving them fresh food to feast on & I really haven’t enjoyed watching them tear their prey/dinner to pieces. I could always avert my eyes of course but them I might miss a short flight to another tree & they’re so beautiful to watch. Plus they’re being VERY noisy tonight but still I’d prefer to hear birds making a racket their our ex-neighbours with their arguments & stereos blaring.

We also had it confirmed today that DD won’t be able to go on her school trip which takes place the week after her cast is due to be removed & involves abseiling, rock climbing & canoing which is just perfect for my sports mad daughter. Of course she didn’t strop at the nurse who told her this (‘quick’ visit to the hospital as cast is smashed underneath) but saved the full vent for me whilst I was negotiating rush hour city traffic. Even the promise of Rock Climbing lessons with the refund of the trip didn’t work as apparently she prefers Abseiling but I don’t know of a local facility that provides it.

However the Fun Run to raise money for her football club is happening due to the loan of a wheelchair organised by our Doctors Surgery. Early on Sunday morning: That’ll be fun!