>We’re home safely

>Thanks to the kindness of one of DH’s work colleagues we all home safely. He & DH managed to get near my office but I was cut off by waist deep water. One of my colleagues has a much higher car than ours so managed to get through it, just & I then transferred to the other car. Then we had to negotiate the closed roads & those that were just passable to collect DD from school. The school had just announced that it was closed but children couldn’t be released until a parent got there for them.

She was very giddy & enjoyed a piggy back through the rain to the car as we tried to keep her cast dry.

The ride home was scary to put it mildly & we headed up hill as best we could & then back to our house. We’re ok here as luckily we’re on a hill but I know that lower down in the village it’s awful.

DH’s work colleague has now headed home as his 14 year old daughter is home alone. I hope he makes it home safely.

ETA: DH recorded this near my office & this near to the junction that I crossed with my work colleague in his car before joining DH on our journey to get DD from school.