>The aftermath

>After all the rain yesterday the effects have been horrendous. Parts of the city including where my MIL & SIL & her family live are still under water & cut off. MIL lives on the same street that we left in March & although her house wasn’t flooded she can’t leave the area as all the roads are totally blocked

SIL’s house

SIL tried to drive to us this morning so we could have the kids whilst her & her husband tried to clear up but she couldn’t get out of the area. An area about two square miles where they live is totally cut off by road & some people have been evacuated by boats.

SIL’s street

Some friends of ours were moving house yesterday. Half of their stuff is in the old house which is within this area & half of it to the new house. His mother picked their 3 year old son up from nursery as they couldn’t get to him but then she was flooded as well. So they had to borrow a big van today & drive through the roads that are closed against all advice to reach their son as Grandma has no power & it wasn’t safe for him to be there. They took it very slowly & managed to get to him without stalling the engine.

Other areas nearby are also badly affected & I spoke a friend earlier who was evacuated by boat with her husband & two children by boat. The water in her house is now 4ft high

In this area probably hundreds if not thousands of people have been flooded & many evacuated from their homes