Listed are the posts for June 2007.

>Rowan Holiday bag

>When DD & I did the Parent & Child Workshop a few months ago I got to play with a new yarn, well new to me anyway. As there aren’t any Rowan stockists nearby I hadn’t seen this yarn before. To be honest it didn’t appeal to me as the strands remind me of Jay […]

>Mobile blogging + Baileys

> Doesn,t make interesting reading. Good night!

>Mobile blogging

> It,s a bit dark in the conservatory + a mess but i,m having fun playing 😉 have also been exploring with rss feeds B-)The photos aren,t up to my usual standard but it,s all done via my phone so think of the possibilities 😀


> Playing with my new mobile…

>The Downside

>to Owls in your garden & Parenthood: Whilst it is very nice watching owls every evening it isn’t so nice watching them eat Their parents have been around for the past two nights & are giving them fresh food to feast on & I really haven’t enjoyed watching them tear their prey/dinner to pieces. I […]

>Copy Cat/Dog

>Annie If the cats can do it so can I! Annie

>Tawny Owls return

>Tawny Owl Tawny Owls Tawny Owls The photos aren’t as good as last night I’m afraid as it was getting dark.

>The day after

>Thanks for the the comments on DHs’ Walking Socks & the flooding yesterday. We’ve had some rain today but nothing like Friday so I’m hoping that it doesn’t get as bad again. I spent the afternoon in the launderette as I haven’t done any washing all week due to the rain & we can’t dry […]


>Today has been a total wash out in the true sense of the word. We’ve had heavy rain all week & it led to flooding. DD & I left the house a few minutes earlier than normal but 15 minutes later were sat in traffic 2 minutes from home. The roads were totally submerged in […]

My first attempt at an original pair of socks!

DH has been complaining for a while that whilst I’ve been knitting plenty of pairs of socks for myself he has to make do with shoddy shop bought pairs so I finally decided to be brave & knit him a pair. The strength was needed as he has big wide feet with long toes so […]

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