Listed are the posts for July 2007.

>The suspense is killing me…..

># You signed up on June 6, 2007# You are #7310 on the list.# 16 people are ahead of you in line.# 14246 people are behind you in line.# 33% of the list has been invited so far I go back to work on Monday & want to spend some time ‘playing’ whilst I can.

>’My So Called Scarf’

>I started this scarf

>An update

>Prompted by an email this morning from Miss Malice I thought I’d let you all know that DH is now getting better. He originally had a Doctors appointment for Thursday morning but I pushed to have it moved to Wednesday evening. If that hadn’t been done I think he would be in hospital now as […]


> Poor DH isn’t feeling very well: something has bitten him on the leg & the Doctor has said he’s in the early stages of blood poisoning:( Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon…. Blogged via mobile click on pic to enlarge.

>Yummy Yarns Swap

>Last month I left a comment on Ali’s blog on this post as Ali had bought some gorgeous Socks that Rock and I was drooling. So we arranged a swap & I had a great time choosing something for Ali. I sent her a huge list of questions so that I could narrow down what […]

>Ignorance is bliss

>Thanks to Donna I know know that I’ve got AGES before my Ravelry invite arrives: Found you! * You signed up on June 6, 2007 * You are #7310 on the list. * 1820 people are ahead of you in line. * 8984 people are behind you in line. * 33% of the list has […]

>Words fail me

>I’ve just read this from Yarn Harlot. For this woman to be denied the language to describe what happened to her is beyond belief. Judge Jeffre Cheuvront, I don’t know how you can sleep at night.

>Pamela Pussycat

>Pam wasn’t a happy cat at our last house & lived solely in the garage but within days of our move she changed & is now a very different animal. In addition to bird, mouse & squirrel hunting she has also discovered a new hobby of glamour puss rather than recluse: How many paws can […]

>Back on track

>I’d like to thank you all for all the lovely comments over the past few weeks. The Flooding has left us luckily untouched (apart from when I had to abandon the car) & our home is safe & dry. However many thousands of people weren’t so lucky and everywhere you go piles of ruined carpets […]

>My Knit Picks order

>My order arrived within a week from the States which I thought was fantastic. The box arrived at work on a day when I was feeling a bit down & sorry for myself with tooth ache & other stresses and it helped to cheer me up When deciding what to buy I changed my mind […]

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