>We’ve got some guests staying at the moment. Not the sort I’m sure you’re imagining as these both have four legs rather than two.

No not more dogs or cats.

Can you guess?

As DH’s sister was flooded in the recent floods she has gone away for a month with their children whilst her DH, the builder, repairs their home. That left a couple of homeless animals who decided that our lawn was tastier than theirs at the moment due to the residue of sewage:

Raisin Rabbit
Raisin Rabbit

He’s a very handsome animal but isn’t happy about being couped up in a mere rabbit run as he normally has the run of the garden. I found him in the street two years ago minutes before we went on holiday & luckily SIL had an empty hutch as I couldn’t leave him on the street. She advertised but he wasn’t claimed so now he is adored & can even be found sat on the sofa watching TV sometimes:

Raisin Rabbit
Raisin Rabbit

His partner in crime is quite shy but has a big appetite for someone so small:

Guinea Pig Max
Max hiding in his house

I’ve never looked after a Guinea Pig before & can’t believe how much he eats! He is constantly chomping & easily eats twice as much fresh food as Raisin. As DD & I are vegetarians though he’s come to the right ‘hotel’ & tonight after his main meal of lettuce, carrot & red cabbage he had the tasty treat of a fresh cherry & quickly ran off into his pipe with it:

Guinea Pig Max
Max in a pipe

In addition to being insanely greedy he’s also very shy so proved to be a reluctant model.

Our photoshoot was watched from afar by someone far more willing to being in front of the camera:

Monet in the sunshine