>Quick post

>We’re going away in the morning for a few days. I’m nearly ready but have spent the evening crocheting so now need to get moving & do the last few jobs before I can hit the sack.

I got my Ravelry invite two weeks ago & it’s a fantastic site. If you haven’t already signed up for it do but you’ll have a bit of a wait. DH has been patiently photographing my stash for me but the enthusiasm has dwindled & moaning started as more & more yarn is pulled out of storage boxes. Yes it’s time to admit it even to myself that I have a large stash & enough is enough! It’s not all up there yet but already I’ve earmarked yarn for new projects & have been playing with new colour schemes.

My mobile phone pattern which I designed here has been listed on Ravelry as a proper pattern & it’s in 6 queues already!

Changing the subject completely as I’ve got to turn the laptop off, my flock, first introduced here, has grown after another visit to the Farmers Market:

Handmade sheep figures
L to R: Rough Fell, South Down, Suffolk, Border Leicester, Masham & Hampshire Down

I just couldn’t resist another couple as they’re so lovely.

New Handmade sheep figures
L to R: Suffolk & Border Leicester

I’ll be back next week or maybe even blog on the ‘fly’ as it were from the wilds of North Yorkshire if the knitting warrants it.


Bryony I’ll have the answers for you next time I promise.