Listed are the posts for October 2007.

>Our garden in autumn & an update on Spike

>Thanks for all the comments & good wishes regarding Spike. At first we thought he’d moved on but now he’s eating the food every night which is the only indication we have that he’s still there as we don’t have a infra red camera. DH has been very tempted but we can’t justify the cost. […]

>Red cross on the door

> DH had his operation last week + is recovering with feline aid. 
If that weren’t enough I’ve got a bad chest infection + am on my 2nd round of antibiotics + feel as if someone is twisting a knife in my chest 🙁 not much fun.

>Mini sweater


>Meet Spike!

>A few weeks ago I started hinting of some changes here at blueadt house and now I can finally reveal whats been going on. Meet Spike! He was taken into rescue in June ’06 weighing just 3oz & suffering from a variety of ailments including lung worm. Now a healthy 4lb he’s strong enough to […]

>Long time no blog

>It’s been very busy in the blueadt household recently. Memorable occasions include DD starting Secondary School. That was the whole reason for our house move & she’s settled in well. We chose a house that was in between the two school sites so that she could walk to both & obviously this had to mean […]