>Long time no blog

>It’s been very busy in the blueadt household recently.

Memorable occasions include DD starting Secondary School. That was the whole reason for our house move & she’s settled in well. We chose a house that was in between the two school sites so that she could walk to both & obviously this had to mean that the friends she has made live nowhere near us. So she can’t walk to a friends house on a weekend & has to be taken everywhere by taxi aka me which we’re gutted about as she wouldn’t play out at the last house due to the girls who had bullied her & we were hoping that she’d gain friends nearby & have more confidence in going out.

She has joined a number of after school clubs but non are sports related which surprised me. She was delighted to present me with this recently her first creation at Cake Decorating:

cake decorations
Bluedog in icing sugar

DD has also celebrated her 12th birthday. Presents weren’t in abundance as we’ve recently decorated her bedroom & DH built her a fantastic wardrobe with sliding mirrored doors which cost a fortune but she had a good time & a huge slab of chocolate cake with her birthday meal at a favourite restaurant. She is now over 5ft 4″ tall & fast approaching my height of 5ft 5.5″ & she can’t wait until she’s taller than me. She’s now taller than a lot of my friends which delights her no end.

She has also been ill this week with a bad cold & another ear infection. So swimming in on hold for a few weeks until she recovers.

There has also been a fair bit of stress for DH regarding his working life. Due to internal politics he has been under pressure a lot recently & hasn’t been happy with the direction he was being pushed into. Working for a very large organisation things take a long time to happen; 2 years in his case which is a very long time to have uncertainty about your place in the cog. But as luck would have it another job came up & he was interviewed on Wednesday just two days after started in the new department where he was dumped. We were celebrating last night as he got the job
As he’s having an operation for Carpal Tunnel soon he will have spent a grand total of 10 days in the role, that he didn’t want, before he goes on sick leave. The people on the new team are great but it’s the way that the management has manipulated him that he can’t stand so I’m really chuffed that they’ll now be left without his indepth knowledge that they took for granted. His new job is a really interesting & vital role so I’m pleased that he’ll have something to get his teeth into.

Things are changing for me too but I’m not ready to reveal how just yet.

On the knitting front things have been a bit quiet. I’m working away on Christmas projects which can’t be shown here. Have also splashed out on the new Cat Bordhi book further to this review & OMG it really turns conventional sock construction on it’s head! I’m doing a tiny baby sock for a keyring fundraiser but it’s fidly as it’s so small. Pics when it’s finished.

I also got a lovely treat recently from Miss Malice. She had generously offered to pick some goodies up for me when she went home to Canada but was a bit late in posting them due to her manic timetable at the moment (read working full time & setting up her own business) so very kindly sent this gorgeous treat with my things:

Chameleon Colorworks Evolution
Chameleon Colorworks Evolution in Flamingo Sunrise

This yarn is unbelievably soft & so smooth. I’m planning to make a pair of bedsocks with it to stop DH moaning when I utilise his body heat to warm my frozen blocks of ice. Socktopus specialise in yarns that can’t be bought anywhere else in the UK so head on over & be prepared to start drooling