Listed are the posts for November 2007.

>Biting the hand that feeds……..

>My 12 year old DD is testing me at the moment. Her moods & behaviour have been horrendous recently even more than usual. Her computer & mobile phone have been resident in my office for the past two weeks & she was also grounded from sport for a week but still it continues. Whilst I […]

>Stash musings

>Again I can’t post information or photos of what I’m knitting due to the pending festive celebrations. So instead I’ll talk about something close to many knitters hearts: STASH! I have a big stash. There I’ve said it upfront & am being totally honest with myself & you all. The last four months on a […]

>The scurge of gift knitting

>Anybody reading this blog recently will think that I’ve just been busy with cats, kittens & hedgehogs. Whilst they have been taking my time other things have been happening but sadly not all are blog-able at least not yet. With Christmas just a few weeks away I’ve been planning & casting on projects via Ravelry […]


> Whilst I cast on a christmas present…

>Double Trouble

>Thank you everyone for the kind words about Monet. I’m feeling very raw & emotional at the moment but it’ll get easier with time. We have however been brave & added two new members to the household already: Ginny (l) & Lyra (r) DH & I have had kittens before but DD never has so, […]

>Goodbye Monet

>It’s exactly a year to the day that I had to have Tia put to sleep & now it’s happened again as Monet was put down earlier this evening. She was suffering from arthritis & kidney failure & had stopped eating so it was the right decision to make albeit a hard one. I first […]