>Goodbye Monet

>It’s exactly a year to the day that I had to have Tia put to sleep & now it’s happened again as Monet was put down earlier this evening. She was suffering from arthritis & kidney failure & had stopped eating so it was the right decision to make albeit a hard one.

I first met her when she was an hour old as my friend owned her mother & she was an ugly kitten who grew into a very beautiful cat.

Monet & her siblings aged 4 weeks

Monet & her brother George aged 5 weeks

She was initially wary of my previous Airedale Terrier Libby but grew to love her & adored both Blue & Annie. She would often greet them with trills & walk between their legs jumping up to scent them with the side of her face.

kitten meeting dog
Monet learning to accept dogs

She has really enjoyed the last 7 months as she loved our new house & garden & spent a lot of time snoozing in the sunshine, catching mice and chasing birds & squirrels:

Snoozing on the lawn

cat sunbathing
Monet enjoying the sunshine

She was a very loving cat but wouldn’t tolerate anything that constituted ‘fiddling’ including flea spray, the giving of tablets or any other unwelcome attention. So I had to smile when she managed to bite the vet as she inserted the ‘lethal injection’ despite having being given a sedative beforehand


3/5/1991 – 2/11/2007