>Double Trouble

>Thank you everyone for the kind words about Monet. I’m feeling very raw & emotional at the moment but it’ll get easier with time.

We have however been brave & added two new members to the household already:

Ginny (l) & Lyra (r)

DH & I have had kittens before but DD never has so, even though we both would have preferred to get an adult cat, we thought that it was only fair to get kittens so that she could have the fun of playing with them & watching them grow up. We promised her some once Monet was gone as she really didn’t like other cats & really should have been an ‘only’ but I already had two cats when I got her as a kitten.


I wanted to wait a couple of weeks but DH is off work for another week due to his surgery & it made a lot of sense to have someone here for at least the first week. I work part time so they won’t be on their own all day and it seemed to work out better this way.


They are 12 week old sisters & came from the local animal rescue centre & had to be homed together as they’re very close. So when we rang up requesting two kittens of the same gender the staff must have been cheering. We had already had a home check, as it were as the woman who brought us Spike works there, so we just had to have a vet check over the phone & we were allowed to take them home.

Ginny (l) & Lyra (r)

Poor Pam isn’t very impressed & retreated to the loft at first but now she’s got the rest of the house with her own litter tray. The kittens are currently housed in the conservatory with radiators & a heated bed until she learns to accept them. Hopefully DH can make progress with this next week.

The dogs however love their own cats (sadly they do think it fun to chase other cats that aren’t part of their pack but aren’t allowed to take part in this sport) & are far keener to spend time with the new recruits:

Airedales & kittens
Annie & Blue watching the kittens

Annie in particular will adore them & spent a good 10 minutes lying by the door with her tail wagging. In time the kittens will learn just like Monet did that these two big hairy things are actually quite good fun & nice & warm to sleep on.

I feel a bit ‘unfaithful’ getting them so quickly after Monet but they are making me smile!

btw I had a lot of ‘help’ writing this post & knitting around them is definitely not happening yet!