>Biting the hand that feeds……..

>My 12 year old DD is testing me at the moment. Her moods & behaviour have been horrendous recently even more than usual. Her computer & mobile phone have been resident in my office for the past two weeks & she was also grounded from sport for a week but still it continues.

Whilst I was ill last month I asked her to make her own packed lunch for the following day. The reply I received was

“Why should I it’s your work!”

I had up to that point made her lunch (along with DH’s & mine) the night before & put it in the fridge so that mornings weren’t so rushed but since then she has made her own with a lot of complaining.

Last night DH & I attending the first parents evening at her new Secondary school. Thinking that she would be hungry if she didn’t eat until afterwards I made her a cheese omelette when she got home but insisted that the kittens were fed & tray cleaned before she ate. This act caused a huge row & objects were thrown & abuse shouted at the cook.

So she’s going to have to get self sufficient pretty quickly as this mother has had enough of being treated like something unpleasant on the bottom of her shoe.

Can anybody recommend respite care for 12 year olds?


All her teachers love her & praised her behaviour. She’s well mannered, polite, attentive & homework is always handed in on time. We both commented a few times that we didn’t recognise the child they were talking about!