>Kitten Catch Up!

>Well the girls have been with us for 5 weeks now & what a difference those few weeks have made.

Lyra & Ginny

They’re now well integrated with the rest of the ‘pack’. The dogs adore them & Lyra is also very taken with them. She often jumps up to rub her face against them & we’ve caught her a few times flaked out on the floor batting at dog feet as they walk past.

Ginny on the other hand is smitten with Pam & often rubs up against her & tries to sleep next to her. Pam initially hated them both particularly Lyra but is getting much better & now hardly hisses at them.

kitten playing
Lyra killing a toy

They love the ‘tree’ that DH & DD built for them a few weeks ago:

Ginny & Lyra

They are very different to each other. Lyra loves a cuddle & loves nothing better than snuggling into my neck & nuzzling into my hair pretending that I’m her mum. Ginny HATES to be picked up as she’s got too many things to check out & will push at you to get away.


Lyra posing

This photoshoot of kittens was also combined with that of updating my Ravelry pages with recent swaps & of course they had to ‘help’:

kitten sniffing yarn
Lyra checking out some Jitterbug

and then it all went wrong!

kitten falling