>Goodbye 2007

>Well looking back it’s been an eventful year for us: We sold our old house and moved. Had leaks through the kitchen ceiling, coped with a broken foot & flooding. I had to abandon our car due to the depth of the water & the roads were impassable near my office but fortunately
our new house is on a hill so we were ok at home unlike my poor SIL.

Knitting has also been evident this year but not as much as I would have liked due to all the events above. My favourite FO of the year has to be the Walking Socks that I designed & made for DH.

Petwise we said Goodbye to Vince & Monet & hello to Ginny & Lyra.

black & white kitten

Photo courtesy of Puplet who visited yesterday with Susoolu much to the delight of all the animals as these guests played with them! Ginny in particular loved posing for a new camera man & enjoyed the flash bouncing off her whiskers Thanks Pup