>Christmas gifts received

>Warning this post is picture heavy!

After the horrendous Christmas Day we had I didn’t get round to blogging about what I received for Christmas. DH was a star, & with loads of emailed suggestions, spoilt me rotten:

First up from DH (purchased from Socktopus) a copy of the new sock book from Vogue:

Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Sock book
Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Sock book

I’ve fallen head over heels for the pattern modeled on the cover of the book so will be making those in the not too distant future.

Next up he got me two balls of Opal 6 ply from a well known online Knitting supplier in the UK:

Opal Rainforest sock yarn
Opal Rainforest Flamingo 6 ply

Opal Rainforest sock yarn
Opal Rainforest Ladybird 6 ply

I’m not very happy with the colour of the Ladybird as it appears pale, washed out & pink compared to the same colour in 4 ply which is living in my stash. I had asked for this colour as I wanted to make some bright red socks so will try & get this exchanged for another brighter ball.

He also gave me two Lucy Neatby DVD’s: Double Knitting & Knitting Essentials 2. This were also from the same company and I have to say for the first time ever I haven’t been impressed with their service. The order was actually Double Knitting & Sock Techniques 2 but the other DVD was sent in error. As I didn’t get a reply to my contact to them sent on Boxing Day & I was bored one afternoon I have now watched it so can’t return it. It is a very good DVD & I’ve already learnt a new technique but it wasn’t what was ordered.

To finish off a wonderful batch of knitters presents he gave the following patterns: Scoop du Jour, CeCe, Twist, Ribbi Cardi, Diamond Fantasy Shawl, Forest Canopy Shawl, Bar Harbor Shell Bag & Agatha

All were printed in colour on lovely thick paper so I’ve got plenty to play with this year

DH has declared that he wants a box from Socktopus as Alice wraps everything up so nicely . And yes modelwidow that is a Socktopus stitch marker you spotted on my red bedsocks 10/10 for observation!

DD, with some help, also got me some knitting related presents aided greatly by the fact that the only shop within 60 miles that sells sock yarn has now stopped selling yarn but had a mind blowing 75% off sale as an amazing finale:

Regia Bamboo Color
Regia Bamboo Color

Patons Diploma 4 ply
Patons Diploma 4 ply in Cherry

Patons Diploma 4 ply
Patons Diploma 4 ply in Lupin

She was a bit concerned about buying me more sock yarn, as I have rather a lot already, but as I now have an hours drive to even look at the stuff I think it’s wonderful. I can just go upstairs & dive into my stash when I’m ready to cast on a new pair!

Finally my friend CL in Canada sent me some wonderful presents as well. We always spoil each other with birthday & Christmas gifts & this year she chose the most gorgeous yarn:

Knit Picks Glossamer
Knit Picks Glossamer Lace Weight in Sweet Peas

Isn’t it beautiful! She also included a pattern for the Janet Lace shawl & this little beauty:

Alchemy Alpaca Pure
Alchemy Alpaca Pure

It is the softest yarn I have ever felt & has been stroked against my face many times. Lyra has also shown interest in it but this was NOT encouraged. Thank you so much CL. I hope you like your presents too & I look forward to spoiling you for your birthday in May

ETA: after emailing the company concerned & attaching photos of both the 4 ply & 6 Ply Ladybird the issue is resolved. They are going to replace the DVD with the correct one, refund the cost of the 6 ply Ladybird & send a prepaid envelope for returns. I would have preferred not to have to contact them 3 times about this but am happy it is now to be sorted out.

Can anybody point me in the direction on a bright red 6 ply sock yarn?