Listed are the posts for February 2008.

>Me Again

>Well it’s all change here. We are getting a dog pup called Oscar but not the pup we saw last night. I’ve been thinking about it all day & his cautiousness, which is due to his lack of socialisation, has put me off. I’d rather a pup who has been raised in a home & […]

>Annie + puppy = success

>We all went to meet the puppy this evening & Annie LOVES him. Oscar I’ve decided to call him Oscar after a comment left by Cassidy the Airedale mentioned a previous ADT of that name & we all loved it. He’s lovely & in very good condition but unfortunately isn’t used to being inside a […]

>Thank you

>Thanks to everybody who left a comment or sent me an email regarding Blue. I’ve cried at every single one of them & am still very upset by her loss. Over the past year or so we’ve said farewell to too many animals or so it seems. However Tia, Monet & even little Vince had […]

>Goodbye ‘Big Dog’

>Blue came to live with us aged approximately 12 weeks having been rescued from an awful ‘breeder’ by West of England and South Wales Airedale Terrier Rescue. She was full of worms, fleas & more but we got her over that & she was a fantastic dog. Blue aged 4 months A year later Annie […]

>It’s Not looking good

>for Blue An ultrasound today found more ‘lumps’ on her spleen but we’re still awaiting the biopsy results.

>One hospital visit down,

> many more to come…. At this stage the doctor couldn’t determine what damage has been done but she thinks it’s either the ligaments or cartilage & DD has another appointment in two weeks. Much to her disgust the new splint can be worn over her school trousers so she can still wear full uniform. […]

>Good vibes needed please

>DD is home & very pleased to be back. She had a great time for the first couple of days & enjoyed the company of the other children but since she hurt herself she hasn’t enjoyed being away. She’s damaged the ligaments on the inside of her left knee & can’t put any weight on […]

>It gets worse

>Blue is very ill. She had an endoscopy yesterday after x-rays revealed nothing. She’s either got a large stomach ulcer that is threatening to burst or an ulcerated tumor. The vet managed to get some samples of her stomach & they’ve been sent off for urgent testing. She has been kept in as she is […]

>We’re free!

> Dinner for two with a bottle of redɉ۩Brugge tomorrow!

>Catch up

>My sock knitting has taken a change of direction recently. Remember my recent announcement regarding my February socks? I adore the yarn, achieved 8 spi with it on 2.25mm needles & am VERY happy with the fabric but unfortunately am not all happy with the pattern I chose. Can anybody see why? Laburnum sock in […]

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