>Good vibes needed please

>DD is home & very pleased to be back. She had a great time for the first couple of days & enjoyed the company of the other children but since she hurt herself she hasn’t enjoyed being away. She’s damaged the ligaments on the inside of her left knee & can’t put any weight on it without a full leg splint & crutches. She hurt herself on Tuesday morning & spent the rest of the holiday in the hotel or on the coach. Another child cracked his collar bone & was offered a flight home but didn’t take it. DD says she wished she’d been given the same offer as she would have loved to have come home.

We spent last night in the local Paediatrics A&E department & she now has an appointment to see the orthopedic specialists tomorrow morning. Hopefully she won’t need an operation but whatever they decide to do she’s out of action for at least 3 months swimming wise. She was entered for the regional swimming championships next month & had an Open meet at the beginning of April so is totally gutted. After breaking her foot last June it took her a good 6 months to regain her strength & speed & I think it will take the same length of time this time. Her football coach is also gutted as she’s out of action for the rest of the season

She hasn’t been able to have a shower since Monday night as she was scared of standing unaided in the shower & didn’t want to ask the female teachers for help so was very happy last night to have a bath. I washed & dried her hair for her & then tucked her up in her own bed.

This morning she’s parked on the sofa,happily chatting to her friends on msn & chuffed that she’s got the day off school tomorrow

Blue also came home yesterday but only for two hours
I was told that she could come home as she was eating & hadn’t vomited whilst being in vets & she was really happy to see us. Annie has been VERY upset to be her own & had to be held back as Blue came in as we didn’t want her to knock her over. However Blue didn’t want to eat & then threw up violently so I took her back. She’s on so many different medicines that I was advised to keep a chart of times & dosages! Today the vet has told me that she has thrown up twice since I took her back so they’re going to keep her in until the test results come back in.

If she does have an ulcerated tumour I’ve decided I’ll have to carefully consider Blue’s quality of life as I really don’t want to keep her alive & under going loads of operations for our or Annies’ sake. I’ve got to put her first and at the moment she’s really suffering
However I am very relieved that she is insured as the bill over £1000 already.