>Goodbye ‘Big Dog’

>Blue came to live with us aged approximately 12 weeks having been rescued from an awful ‘breeder’ by West of England and South Wales Airedale Terrier Rescue. She was full of worms, fleas & more but we got her over that & she was a fantastic dog.

Blue as a puppy
Blue aged 4 months

A year later Annie came to live with us as Blue seemed a bit depressed on her own & also came from the same ‘breeder’ via rescue:

Blue & Annie
Blue with Annie as a puppy

Blue was known as ‘Big Dog’ at home as she was extremely tall for an Airedale bitch at 26″ at the shoulder, half an inch taller than Annie & also the Alpha dog of the two.

Blue always made us laugh when it was time for to be groomed as she hated being done & would run & hide whilst I did Annie & then collapse to the floor when I went to pick her up to put her on the table. However she loved the end result & would always ‘strut’ her stuff when out walking trying to convince total strangers to give her a cuddle & head rub:

Airedale Terrier
Blue relaxing after being groomed

We took the dogs all over the country with us on holiday in our caravan & she always enjoyed walking in a new place & finding people to fuss over her:

Blue & Annie
Blue being chased by Annie on Embleton Sands in Northumberland

Blue bouncing on Embleton Sands, Northumberland

Blue on Embleton sands beach at night, Northumberland

Blue & Annie
Blue & Annie on Lake Windermere

Blue & Annie
Annie & Blue at the border of England & Scotland

Blue & Annie in front of Soloman’s Temple, Derbyshire

She loved everybody & everything apart from German Shepherds. After being attacked by 6 of them before the age of 3 she’d had enough & was determined that it wasn’t going to happen again & would go for them if taunted. We put them both into kennels for a day when we went to Monkey World & when we got them back she was stressed to hell as they had been kenneled opposite a GSD bitch.

Blue & Tia the cat
Blue with Tia

She grew up with cats & was used to Tia using her as a hotwater bottle. The kittens were much loved & she was extremely efficient at keeping their food dishes clean.

Blue enjoying snow
Blue running in snow

Children were particularly adored & I had to teach both dogs the command ‘No Kisses’ to stop them licking faces & also so that parents didn’t think that my two giant terriers were going to hurt their children.

Blue enjoying snow
Blue enjoying the snow

Today whilst walking Annie two different groups of children stopped me to ask where Blue was. She had a lot of fans as she was such a friendly dog & I think I’ll be stopped a lot in the next few weeks as I walk with just one dog.

Blue snoozing in the caravan awning

She was suffering from advanced Stomach Cancer which had spread to her spleen so I felt I had to let her go. We were offered the chance to bring her home for two weeks to say good bye but it would have been selfish & I couldn’t do it.

Blue: May 2000 – February 2008