>Me Again

>Well it’s all change here. We are getting a dog pup called Oscar but not the pup we saw last night. I’ve been thinking about it all day & his cautiousness, which is due to his lack of socialisation, has put me off. I’d rather a pup who has been raised in a home & used to noises & people rather than a kennel raised pup. As he’ll be living in our home & coming on holiday with us in our caravan, we need him to be confident & happy to meet new people and encounter new situations & I just wasn’t convinced that this was the dog for us. Annie loved him but to be honest she’ll probably love any pup she meets as she’s that sort of dog, especially if it’s a boy.

I’ve found another breeder who has 3x 4 month old dog pups & we’re going to see them on Saturday morning. I really like the breeder’s attitude & think that her views on puppy raising are more in line with my own. These pups are used to the sounds of a house, have been handled every day since they were born & know basic commands already. I also liked that she said she vets the potential buyers & sometimes she rejects people if they turn up wearing unsuitable clothes or seem fussy about dirt on their clothes rather than just keen to sell the pups to the first person who shows an interest.

The other pup has spent his whole life in a kennel & had only spent an hour & a half in the breeders kitchen before we saw him. So he sniffed our hands but that was it until Annie came in & then he PLAYED but didn’t interact with us at all. So an Oscar will join us soon but he has to be the right dog for us

However for now enough of dogs as I’m sure the knitters amongst you who aren’t dog mad have probably given up on me recently. But before I can mention the fibre I need to update you all on the DD’s injury. She is going to be ok & IMO doesn’t need an operation She is now walking without crutches & without the splint at home without any problems. She is however wearing her splint at school out & when out just in case she falls & twists it. Her knee is still a bit swollen but she isn’t in any pain which is fantastic. She has another hospital appointment next week but I’ve also made an appointment to see our Doctor tomorrow and hoping that he’ll give her the all clear so we can cancel the hospital appointment. She’s desperate to get back to training & her coach thinks she’ll be back in a few weeks. I’ve been taking her to watch the antics in the pool once a week so she can catch up on the ‘gos & she’s so bouncy it’s unbelievable.

Regarding the other stress I have had a full apology from the school. In future policy will be changed & all parents WILL be informed if their children have an accident. On another trip which ran the same week parents were informed but the guy who took my DD away took it upon himself ‘not to worry us’

But finally back to the fibre. The second pair of socks that I started a few weeks ago are no more. I wasn’t happy with the combination of yarn & pattern:

Waterfall rib socks
Waterfall Rib socks in Opal Rainforest Flamingo DK

So they were frogged & I’ve started another pair. With everything that’s gone on recently I’ve not been doing much knitting but I am finally happy with the pattern I’ve chosen and a photo will be posted when I’ve got one to show.