Listed are the posts for March 2008.

>Persistance pays off

>Going back to this post I searched high & low for the Noro book. When I had exhausted all the standard online shops I starting calling smaller bricks & mortars shops & eventually struck gold: Debbie Bliss Noro Collection #1 I remembered that a little shop in Buxton that I’ve visited a few times whilst […]

>Snowy Easter

>We haven’t had heavy snow (well 3″ counts as heavy in England believe me) in over two years since we took photos of Snow Dogs but we woke up to a quiet white blanket which was a lovely change. 6:30 a.m. & my alarm clock was whining. Oscar sleeps all night & is dry but […]

>Dogs & more

>Oscar has been with us for just over two weeks now & is doing VERY well. Oscar He loves our walks in the morning & I take them out for an hour before I go to work to get the ‘bounce’ out of them & then another half an hour at least when I get […]

>Only a month ago

>Before everything went wrong, & we discovered that our daughter had had an an accident accident whilst skiing with the school & we lost Blue, DH & I had a short break holiday to Brugges. It now seems like our trip happened years ago but DH took some lovely photos that I really have to […]

>Life is hard

> when you’re 4 months old & been having fun!

>Introducing the ‘real’ Oscar!

>Oscar (second from left hanging over the barrier) with his litter mates Annie & Oscar meeting for the first time Annie & Oscar DD taking Oscar for his first walk on our way home He’s settled in well & gets on well with all the other animals apart from Pam who has put him in […]