Listed are the posts for April 2008.

>A walk in the park

>This morning DH & I took the dogs out for a gallop. We were walking as I ran yesterday so DH was able to take some photos. We are fortunate to live close to a really beautiful park. Woodland Park It is about 20 minutes walk from our home but I normally take the car […]

>Hip Hip Hooray!

>It’s my birthday today & as always St George’s Day to boot. I really wish it were a public holiday & then I won’t have to use a days holiday to ensure that I don’t have to work every April 23rd. When I went on the Rowan course I took advantage of the £1 balls […]

>I did it!

>It had just started to rain by the time I got the dogs out of the car but I didn’t chicken out & have started running! If you can call it that. Oscar loped alongside me without breaking into a run but speed ‘might’ come once I’m fitter I hope I can get out of […]

>’Must have’ pattern

>I’m pleased to report that my weight loss is continuing & I’ve now lost just over 3 stone As a reward for when I finally reach my target weight the patterns are still coming in thick & fast. Recently I was chuffed to bits to be able to add this to my library: Patons street […]

>The Dark Side

>I spent a very enjoyable weekend at Rowan on a crochet workshop. Much fun was had & apart from being late as I got hopelessly lost (and very stressed) it was a lovely relaxing time. A couple of small projects were undertaken: Crocheted felted bowl in Rowan Big Wool The fawn colour was quite plain […]

>First spring

>Spring flowers Oscar 5 months old Oscar Oscar playing Lyra: 7 1/2 months old Ginny 7 1/2 months old Ginny stalking a fly Oscar & Annie playing