>’Must have’ pattern

>I’m pleased to report that my weight loss is continuing & I’ve now lost just over 3 stone As a reward for when I finally reach my target weight the patterns are still coming in thick & fast. Recently I was chuffed to bits to be able to add this to my library:

Patons street smart
Patons street smart

Due to The Yarn Harlot effect and Brooklyn Tweeds’ adaptation of The Urban Aran it is very hard to get hold of & even worse it’s not available here in England However I was able to buy it from Yarn and Thread by Lisa & after paying by paypal it arrived from the States in just 5 days
Lisa kept in touch me with via email & the whole transaction was very smooth & effortless & I’ll be using her shop again. She can be reached here.

The postage for two copies was the same as for one so I bought two & split the postage with a friend which made it more affordable.

Now that I’ve lost a substantial amount of weight I’ve decided it’s time to ‘up the pace’ as it were & start exercising more. I already walk the dogs for an hour every morning before work on the lead & they get either half an hour on the lead or running free when I get home mid afternoon. It’s in this ‘time slot’ that I’ve decided to start doing more as I can’t fit anything else in due to DDs’ busy sporting & social schedule. I’m going to follow this plan when the dogs are off the lead so that Oscar doesn’t do too much as he’s so young & will start tomorrow as long as it’s not raining. Now I’ve announced it on here I’ve got to stick to it!