Listed are the posts for September 2008.

>Home at last!

> After 6 days away from home Pam is back. She was found this morning in someones garage 10 minutes walk from our house. She’s been checked by the vet who advised us to give her lots of tlc! She’s so happy to be home & hasn’t stopped purring.

>Searching for Pam….

>Pam Pam is missing & was last seen on Sunday evening. We’re doing everything we can to find her. She’s nearly 18 & deaf. Please keep your fingers crossed that we find her quickly if she’s still alive & if not at least find out what happened to her.

>Forgotten dishcloths

>Every now & then I do a small project but they don’t always make it to my blog & these were forgotten about until now. Since Christmas I’ve made a few dishcloths mainly to try new techniques or play with colour & apart from one none made it to my blog so that is about […]

>Feeling the pinch…..

>As I’m sure many others also experiencing we’re noticing that things are getting more & more expensive here in England. The media are talking the country into a recession & everything is affected. I work in sales & have definitely noticed a reduction in market confidence in the past 6 months. Equally prices of almost […]