>Good Bye Spam Cat

>We had to say good bye to Pam today

Pam cat
Pam in July 2007 aged 16 1/2 years

She was a funny little cat and had a very definite character. She was one of three kittens that DH adopted 18 months before we met and the last of the gang. In our old house she lived in the garage and refused to come into the house. When we moved she changed totally and really enjoyed her time here:

Pam cat
Pam in the garden

She also took her role of ‘big cat’ seriously and taught the new kittens how to enjoy cat nip:

Cat playing with cat nip toy
Enjoying a catnip whale

We lost her a few months ago and by the time we got her back 6 days later the experience had taken it’s toll on her. She did pull back a bit but the experience had a negative effect and she aged quickly over the past 3 months.

I think she had a stroke whilst DH was in hospital as her back legs were a bit wobbly and she was eating with one side of her mouth. After she’d fallen down the stairs a few times we decided that the time was right to ‘say goodbye’.

Pam cat
Pam much loved