>I’m grateful

>that DH took the time to install our Wood Burning Stove as our central heating boiler is dying. We’re trying to keep it limping along for the hotwater so have no other forms of heating apart from the Stove & an oil filled radiator in DD’s bedroom.

He’s currently building a small extension which would give us a tiny utility room to house the new boiler (& Oscar) and a downstairs loo but it isn’t finished yet so the new boiler is still in a box.

The extension would be further on but he took time out to install the Stove, hurt his back and then got sick. So he’s taken a couple of days to work on the extension and hopefully we’ll be sorted before too long.

Obviously this has happened whilst the UK is experiencing a cold winter & it’s been below freezing every night for the past week

So make the most of your warm houses, we’re all camping in the living room!