>Out with the old and in with the new…..

>It’s official my DH is a star!

Over the past 4 days he’s worked VERY hard to fit our new boiler. That involved plaster boarding the wall that it was to go on, fitting gas and water pipes to the new location (new extension) and making good the knackered plumbing done by previous owners/plumbers.

central heating boiler
Our new central heating boiler

and the old one:

old central heating boiler that was knackered, had poor pressure and leaked constantly
old central heating boiler

It’s amazing how different the house feels. Over the past week it has been very cold here and, as I’m not working, I’m at home all day.

Normally we don’t really get cold weather (not compared with other parts of the world) so -3 yesterday felt like a freezer. It’s been even colder at night and as our windows are also ready to be decommissioned the house has been very unpleasant to live in. Now you no longer get a blast of artic air as soon as you leave the warmth of the living room (warm due to our trusty Wood Burning Stove as our central heating boiler was dying) and risk life and limb when having a shower.

The radiators are hotter than before and the new boiler is also going to be more cost effective to run. Hopefully soon the rest of the extension will be finished as it would be nice to have one room sorted and decorated.

Here’s another shot of his handiwork:

central heating pipes
new pipe work

After that can it be the windows next? (pretty please with a cherry on top!)

ETA: I think I should explain that when we met 15 years ago DH was a builder. He has since changed career after 4 years at University but hasn’t forgotten his practical skills 🙂