>An update on knitting…

>well almost.

So far this month I’ve been finishing stuff & knitting little things. Little things to be worn by little people, a very new little person to be exact. However two WIP’s are still OTN and another yet to be cast on so photos will happen in another post.

In the meantime I have also decided to plan my knitting for the rest of year. A humongous task but I’m really not as organised as it sounds. I’m short of cash & have a lovely well populated stash so have decided to join my own Personal Sock Club. I went ‘diving’ and came up with sock yarns that I’d already wound up ready to use but hadn’t touched since. 9 different 4 ply yarns are now ready and waiting:

personal sock club
My Personal Sock Club

There are some lovely yarns in there including Koigu, Lorna’s Laces, Fyberspates & Opal, both solid and striped

I’m going to chose each pattern once I’ve swatched the yarn and see what appeals to me. I couldn’t match the yarn up with a pattern so far in advance as I know I’ll see a new pattern & love it. I can’t wait for next Sunday to start my first pair!

I plan on making more than 9 pairs of socks in the year but the rest will happen as and when, I’m not that organised!

btw can anybody guess where a lot of my stash came from????