>Koigu joy

>At the weekend DD very kindly put her hand into a bag and chose my February ‘Personal Sock Club’ yarn:

my own Personal Sock Club using yarns from my stash
My February Personal Sock Club yarn

and this is what she chose:

Purple Koigu KPM
Purple Koigu KPM

I already knew my gauge with this yarn as I’d previously attempted to make Laburnum but it wasn’t to be. However it’s a bit spooky as that was exactly 12 months ago, this yarn is really destined to become February socks

I spent a couple of evening playing and choosing a pattern and have finally settled on Embossed Leaves. I toyed with the idea of doing a pattern from New Pathways but felt that this was the perfect pattern for the yarn as I wanted something girly and lacey. I ADORE the colour and it’s cheering me up in this dark month. No photos yet as I’m still on the ribbing after starting last night.

And now on to the much talked about British weather. Yesterday we had snow!

A lot of it by our standards but a very poor show in comparison with other countries like Canada and Austria. However the country reacted as usual and ground to a halt!
As I am a devoted dog owner stupid I still took the dogs for a long walk. After two hours and 5 miles of walking in driving snow I was frozen and miserable but the ‘dales had a fantastic time:

(Oscar is the gobby one with a long tail who ends up on his back).

But today it’s all gone and we’re back to mud and ice. Oscar was NOT impressed to be hosed down again before he could come back into the house this morning!