Listed are the posts for March 2009.

>Sunday Afternoon

>I did some gardening…. and had help!

>We all need one of these now & then!

>Like a lot of knitters my choice of project depends on my mood. If I’m tired I can’t handle lace or 4ply. Whilst at knitting club, I can’t concentrate on a complicated project & still enjoy the company & conversation, so tonight this came with me: Big Bad Baby Blanket in Wendy Fusion Juniper Berries […]

>a real treat…..

>I often wear socks that I’ve made myself and have made a few pairs for other people but have never had the chance to wear any made for me by someone else. Until now that is: Machine knitted Coral Snake socks However there is something even more special about these socks. They were made in […]

>Spring Sunset

>Pink spring sky

>Happy Mothers Day!

>I hope every Mum has had a lovely relaxing day today. Normally I don’t but DD hadn’t been too bad until half an hour ago. I think the hassle of trying to be good and helping someone else is just too much effort for her! To get myself into the mood I’m wearing my Mother’s […]

>Some knitting

>I’ve been knitting a bit over the past month or so but DH has been so busy with the house that photos have been unavailable. However today he was a star took loads for me. First up my failed February socks (again): ‘Not to be’ Embossed Leaves My spi is 8.6 & my feet are […]

>All Mumped Out

>I felt really tired last week & put it down to the new job, early starts with the dogs etc. On Friday night I went to bed early & was a bit puzzled to notice that my face was puffy in front of my ears. The next morning it had swollen up like a hamster […]


>I feel as if I’m slowly regaining my life. The past couple of months have been pretty bleak & black for me. The famous black dog bit me by the ankle & wouldn’t shift however hard I tried. I found it really hard being out of work & even worse signing on to claim my […]