>I feel as if I’m slowly regaining my life.

The past couple of months have been pretty bleak & black for me. The famous black dog bit me by the ankle & wouldn’t shift however hard I tried. I found it really hard being out of work & even worse signing on to claim my meagre £61 a week of benefits. I’ve realised now that I was terrified at the thought of being out of work for a long time. Every day on the news are stories of more companies going under, the unemployment figures rising daily and I knew that it would be harder to find a job than in normal conditions. Also the guilt of not contributing to the family was eating me up inside. DH didn’t put any pressure on me at all it was all from me but I can be my own worst enemy.

But I’m on my way out now as I’ve found myself another job A job was created for me in a company just over a mile away from home by someone that I’ve worked with before. The team are fantastic and for the first time ever the office is full of adults just getting on with their jobs. There is no atmosphere, no ‘big boss’ throwing their weight around and everyone is happy to be there. It’s a welcome change from bullying bosses and the loneliness of being in a dark cold house by myself all day.

However my body isn’t used to it yet. 6:30 starts to give the dogs a 3 mile walk before I leave the house & working a 5 day week left me shattered last week but I’ll get over that soon.

Knitting hasn’t really featured much over the last month as it’s something I do when I’m happy. Once I shake the tiredness I’m sure I’ll be back to it.