>All Mumped Out

>I felt really tired last week & put it down to the new job, early starts with the dogs etc.

On Friday night I went to bed early & was a bit puzzled to notice that my face was puffy in front of my ears. The next morning it had swollen up like a hamster & by Sunday I looked as if I’d gained 10 stone all in my face

I then had a totally farcical experience with the Out of Hours Doctors service & eventually gave up and visited the local hospital. I have Mumps

Which would explain why I’ve been shattered all week, why I’ve been totally unable to run more than 200 metres & why I kept falling asleep in the chair…..

My face grew even bigger yesterday but today I’m starting to return to normal. By tomorrow I might even be able to spot my cheekbones!

I’m working from home all week which is fantastic as I didn’t want to start my sickness record off so soon and I have a lot of work to be done which is all very doable from home. My new job can’t start properly until it’s out of the way so I really want to get it sorted.

Now just have to stop DH using all the not so ‘cute’ names, believe me I’ve heard them all…..

and it’s true Strawberry Cheesecake low fat frozen yoghurt is the Food of the Gods. All donations gratefully received…..